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    Science Tutoring Calgary

    Science Tutor Calgary

    Science is a vast field and needs proper guidance and help when it comes to learning new concepts. Science tutor Calgary can help you with all the issues you may encounter while learning and understanding science. There are many things to consider when teaching or guiding; the most important thing to consider is that every individual is unique and requires guidance according to their needs. Being the best Science tutor in Calgary means I can provide you with proper guidance and assistance according to your child's understanding level. Many tutors are available online, but finding the one who understands the student's criteria is important. I assure you that I can assist your child in the best possible way because I identify the root cause of the problem, and according to that, I prepare the teaching plan. Undoubtedly, science is a difficult subject, but there is always a way to solve all the difficulties. With years of expertise in teaching children, I'm well aware of the situation that students encounter; based on my experiences, I help them find the problem and then come up with the solutions to prepare themselves for higher studies. Sometimes our primary schooling system doesn't prepare or guide students properly, leading to unclear concepts and difficulty understanding. I can help you fix all these issues and guarantee you the outcome that will make a difference.

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    I believe in providing Science tutoring in Calgary which is in a class of its own. Over the years, I have been providing classes to different students; some are weak, while some need a little assistance. No matter which category you fall in, you are more than welcome in my class. I usually use both new and conventional techniques in my teaching process, and based on practical examples, I give lessons to my students that make the learning process easy. In the first meeting, I assess the child's understanding level and according to that, I start my teaching process. I aim to satisfy parents and students with the results; I can help obtain marks that speak well for both the students and my performance. The pandemic has caused many inconveniences to almost all of us but wise are those who make the most out of a bad situation. Also, I conduct online classes to help as many students as I possibly can. You can find me online by searching for Science tutor Calgary or Science tutor near me. My years of experience and expertise will give you a clear picture of my teaching level. You can easily avail my Science tutoring Calgary by contacting me. We can have a phone meeting where you can ask me questions about my teaching style, and I will see what way is required to teach your child. Together we will make a difference. Feel free to contact me any time/day and get the best assistance for your child to have a bright and knowledgeable future.

    Science 10, 20, 30

    Science 10

    • Introduces Biology, Chemistry, Physics and global energy system
    • Allows you to choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and/or Science at the 20-level depending on your interests, abilities and goals

    Science 20, 30

    • Extend the application of Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth Sciences in Science 20 and apply them to current world scenarios
    • Analyze interactions in Biological, Chemical, Physical and Global energy systems in Science 30
    • Enhance Scientific literacy and prepare you for post-secondary programs
    • Important | Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20, or Science 20 can be used as a prerequisite to Science 30


    • How chemical substances meet human needs
    • WHMIS and safe practices
    • IUPAC nomenclature and the periodic table
    • Evidence of classifying chemical and physical changes
    • Writing and balancing chemical equations
    • Law of Conservation of Mass and the Mole Concept
    • Energy Flow in Technological Systems


    • Cell theory
    • Cellular structures and functions
    • Active and passive transport of matter
    • Plant and Animal cell specialization
    • Mechanisms of transport, gas exchange, and environmental responses in plants


    • Uniform motion and acceleration
    • Force and work
    • Mechanical energy conversions of kinetic and potential energy
    • Thermal energy conversions
    • Efficient use of energy, and the environmental impact of inefficient use of energy


    • Social and environmental contexts for investigating climate change
    • Climate zones, transfer of thermal energy by the hydrosphere and the atmosphere
    • Relationship between biomes, solar energy and climate
    • Human activity and climate change

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