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    Chemistry Tutoring Calgary

    Chemistry Tutor Calgary

    If you are worried about your child's academic performance and results, you have landed on the right page. With years of experience and sound knowledge of the subject, I, as a Chemistry tutor in Calgary, can be of great help. I always believe in providing quality services that satisfy not only the student but parents too. I have assisted many students of different grades in achieving their desired results by properly guiding them. Most people don't understand that every person has a different level of understanding, and most teachers, tutors, and professors overlook this fact while keeping their teaching styles unchanged. I make sure that every child is assisted by keeping up with their unique style of understanding that will help them better learn the basic concepts. Being a Chemistry tutor Calgary, I can assure you that my teaching style is 100% unique from all the tutors available in the tutoring field. I aim to help your child stand out from the crowd by giving them the proper knowledge of the subject rather than just trying to make money. I will help your child by developing their interest in Chemistry that making the learning part easier. You may find many best Chemistry tutors in Calgary, but a professional tutor like me can only help achieve the desired result you wish for.

    Chemistry Tutoring Calgary

    What makes my service different from other tutors who provide Chemistry tutoring in Calgary is my commitment to my work. I try my best to give the time needed when assisting, guiding, and helping a child because there comes the point of saturation when the student no longer understands anything further. I provide the Chemistry tutoring in Calgary that is outcome-oriented and prepares students for advanced concepts they will see in their higher school levels. You can easily avail of my tutoring services by searching for a Chemistry tutor in Calgary or Chemistry tutor near me. I will make sure that you and your child see a clear improvement in results and overall understanding. I'm always ready to help and guide you; I assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with my teaching style. By creating a friendly and full of knowledge atmosphere, I welcome as many questions as the child has in his mind. I welcome questions because that helps in the learning and understanding of concepts. I don't believe in strictness, which makes students hesitate, hindering the learning process, yet I maintain respect and awe vital for a teacher-student relationship. I design my layout as per the demand of students, and with this approach, the learning process gets better. Get the best Chemistry tutoring services in Calgary from a trained and professional tutor for your child's bright future. Contact me for more details. I assure you I will assist and guide you with the best possible teaching.


    • Properties of solutions
    • Electrolytes and non-electrolytes
    • Dissociation, non-dissociation, net ionic equations
    • Factors affecting solubility
    • Gravimetric Stoichiometry
    • Concentration of a solution
    • Dilution of a solution
    • Solution stoichiometry
    • Limiting Reagent Stoichiometry


    • Empirical definitions
    • Strengths of acids & bases
    • Acid/Base stoichiometry
    • Indicators
    • Calculation of [H30+], [OH-], pH and pOH
    • Titrations and pH curves


    • Properties of gases and pressure
    • Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s, Combined Gas


    • Avogadro’s Theory and Molar Volumes
    • The Ideal Gas Law
    • Gas Stoichiometry
    • Chemical Bonding in Matter
    • Periodicity & types of bonds (intermolecular vs. intramolecular bonds)
    • Electronegativity & Lewis Dot diagrams
    • VSEPR Model
    • Network covalent bonds
    • Metallic bonds
    • Ionic compounds
    • Covalent bonds
    • Intermolecular Forces

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    • Calorimetry
    • Energy changes
    • Potential Energy Diagrams
    • Hess’s 1st and 2nd Law
    • Catalysts and Activation Energy


    • Electron transfer
    • Oxidation numbers
    • Voltaic & Electrolytic Batteries
    • Voltaic & Electrolytic Applications


    • Equilibrium expressions
    • LeChatelier’s Principle
    • Kw, Ka, Kb, % ionizations
    • Acid & Base stoichiometry
    • Titrations and pH curves
    • Polyproctic substances
    • Buffers


    • Hydrocarbons
    • Organic Derivatives
    • Organic chemical reactions
    • Polymers

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