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At Jim Williams tutoring, my goal is to help students realize their full potential by providing them with the tools and guidance necessary to overcome all challenges they encounter.

I strongly believe that all students can succeed academically, regardless of their age or grade level. I guide students to achieve their goals while helping build students' self-confidence by teaching them to become efficient problem solvers and independent thinkers. As students transition from Elementary through Junior and Senior High School to post-secondary education, course loads and responsibilities increase. The transition from high school to University or College is particularly challenging as it has become increasingly difficult for students to gain admission to post-secondary institutions. Competition is greater and expectations are higher. Students need to work smarter and harder to achieve the grades required. A lack or loss of self-confidence can severely impact the decision to pursue higher education or change career path; students may believe they lack the intelligence or competence to succeed in pursuing their dreams. Upon working with students for a number of weeks I can boost students' marks by 15 to 20%. This greatly increases the chances of students gaining entry to the University or College faculty of their choice and more importantly, it increases students’ confidence and competence levels - two attributes that are necessary to be successful in the University or College environment. I help students succeed in achieving their goals. The learning process is an amazing journey that I am proud to be a part of - to see students have positive interactions with mentors who care and are there to help them build their future is a rewarding experience.

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